If not given a lesson plan, I knit while I substitute teach. Unlike other subbing activities (i.e. reading, painting one’s nails, nodding off during the filmstrip), knitting allows me to keep my eyes on the students while they work. Yesterday, one of the girls in the seventh grade English class noticed and said, “Oh my gosh. She’s knitting.”

Instant attention, and not from the other girls.

The three boys in the front row instantly started asking questions. What are you working on? (A second sock. Here’s the first one.) Do you make all your own clothes? (No, but I’d like to.) What else can you make? (Mostly hats and scarves. This is my second pair of socks.) Can you knitĀ anything? (Lots of things.) Like, could you knit a book? (Hmmm… Maybe…) You could knit the pages, and then sew on the writing! That would be so cool!

If they hire me full-time for next year, I’m totally offering a knitting class or club. I hope to see all those boys there.