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I’m gonna make an afghan for an Afghan!

This is the best possible result of a spinning wheel and a POUND of green roving. I’m thinking just a tightgarter stitch, maybe with a border of other handspuns.

Anyone up for a knit along?


The Accidental Luddite

So, exciting things.

1) I got a loom! It’s gigantic and I have no idea how to put it together! So while I wait for the instruction book to arrive from the good people at Harrisville Designs

2) Shoebox loom! I found instructions for making one at this site, and got help from the lovely ladies at Bella Yarns. So much fun and OH so fast. I’ve already got 1.5 scarves done!


I think this project will be super exciting to do with my students next year. Hopefully I’ll get to co-teach a fiber arts class, and this would be an exciting first project.