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Socks! Again!

I have embarked upon my second pair of socks. The goal is to make them in two weeks instead of fifty-two.

The pattern is entitled “Diagonal Lace Socks” and can be found for free on Ravelry. I cheated a little and used the toe from the Universal Toe-Up Sock pattern from Knitty, because it’s my favorite… I’ll do the heel in pattern, though. Just to try something different. Using Berrocco Comfort Sock again. I love a good nylon/acrylic for socks. No shrinkage!

Speaking of socks, you know those purple ones I thought the pug ate? Finished in time to give them to Mumsie for Christmas!

Pug, meanwhile, is maintaining his stance that yarn is the best place to sleep or sit. I have worked on two scarves and a sock since coming home, and his favorite thing EVER is to sit directly on the yarn ball. This is not kindness towards alpacas, little Pug.

Kitty is delighted to be back in RI, as am I. We have a lovely room. The stash, however, is very small. I gave most of my yarn away before leaving FL, and I’m utterly out of roving.


Baby hats!

Whipped off a baby hat yesterday. White, blue, green, yellow dishcloth cotton, Sugar and Crream, crocheted, very cute. My old babysitter is having a baby of her own! Awwww. Crocheting baby hats is entirely too much fun.

Located sock, not-so-located shoulder

Found the sock!!!  It was hiding in my work bag, under the tablet, the iPad charger, and my marker/glue stick bag.

In other news, my right shoulder feels like there’s a bear on fire inside it.  Arthritis of doom.  EDS preventing the shoulder from staying where it’s put.  This will lead to my next project, the Think Zebra cowl.

My shoulder

Meanwhile, the pretty pink scarf is coming along beautifully, though the cables are a little difficult with arthritic fingers.  I’m 25.  This shouldn’t be a problem.

Going in for bloodwork this week.  Pray, please.

To learn more about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, click here.

To do for this weekend

Ali Herlihy inspired me to make a list for the weekend:

1. Sort stash (untangle, ball up, sort by fiber)

2. Read articles and layout presentation for next week’s class

3. Make an alpaca cowl

4. Finish sock 2 to send to Mumsie

5. Take pictures to make this blog look pretty!

6. Clean the kitchen

Books and books and books

Taking a break from Tolkien for a little while to ease the heart.  Here’s a list of everything I’m reading right now:

  • Reading, Writing, and Learning in ESOL – a pretty good textbook on emergent literacy in second-language learners
  • The Wheel of the Eye by Robert Jordan – got a free audiobook, and I’m really enjoying this one. In fact, it makes me want to go back and finish reading…
  • Eragon by Christopher Paolini
  • The System of the World by Neil Stephenson (thanks a lot Mul… he sent me an article written by the author that got me going again on this great historical fiction author)
  • The archives of Knitty’s “Knit like a Man”, which are utterly inspirational

Also, balling up alpaca yarn makes me feel spiffy inside.  That is all.

Ball of sad

Break-up happened on Friday. I’m still a bit of a ball of sad. Planned solution: organize the yarn stash.

Got the yarn for a new hat for Tali. Very pretty dark sage Caron Simply Soft to be mixed with lavender. Think I’ll make a pretty charted pattern for it.

Current projects/progress:
Gryffindor Fingerknit Scarf for Audrey – about 12 inches
Toe-up Socks for Mumsie – sock 2 is at about 4 inches