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Cables of happiness

OK, so I finally worked out how best to use the pink yarn from two posts ago.  It’s a cabled scarf that’s just uber-soft.

Also, it looks like a knitted Cremesaver.  Just sayin’.


Located sock, not-so-located shoulder

Found the sock!!!  It was hiding in my work bag, under the tablet, the iPad charger, and my marker/glue stick bag.

In other news, my right shoulder feels like there’s a bear on fire inside it.  Arthritis of doom.  EDS preventing the shoulder from staying where it’s put.  This will lead to my next project, the Think Zebra cowl.

My shoulder

Meanwhile, the pretty pink scarf is coming along beautifully, though the cables are a little difficult with arthritic fingers.  I’m 25.  This shouldn’t be a problem.

Going in for bloodwork this week.  Pray, please.

To learn more about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, click here.


This made me grin like nobody’s business… via

…Where did my projects go?

Some of my projects are missing in action… I have particularly noticed that the socks have run away/been eaten by a sock monster.  Need to clean the apartment.

In happier news, homework etc. is coming along thanks to technology.  Downloaded a French spellcheck for Open Office today, which makes typing in French much easier.  Also rediscovered that Linux has a handy list tool called Tasks that provides a checklist for your chores/to-do stuff.  More and more, I love this OS.

Need new glasses.  Considering artsy frames to make me look like a semi-responsible adult.

Meanwhile, here’s a pug. He might be the sock monster:

To do for this weekend

Ali Herlihy inspired me to make a list for the weekend:

1. Sort stash (untangle, ball up, sort by fiber)

2. Read articles and layout presentation for next week’s class

3. Make an alpaca cowl

4. Finish sock 2 to send to Mumsie

5. Take pictures to make this blog look pretty!

6. Clean the kitchen

Books and books and books

Taking a break from Tolkien for a little while to ease the heart.  Here’s a list of everything I’m reading right now:

  • Reading, Writing, and Learning in ESOL – a pretty good textbook on emergent literacy in second-language learners
  • The Wheel of the Eye by Robert Jordan – got a free audiobook, and I’m really enjoying this one. In fact, it makes me want to go back and finish reading…
  • Eragon by Christopher Paolini
  • The System of the World by Neil Stephenson (thanks a lot Mul… he sent me an article written by the author that got me going again on this great historical fiction author)
  • The archives of Knitty’s “Knit like a Man”, which are utterly inspirational

Also, balling up alpaca yarn makes me feel spiffy inside.  That is all.

Sock and stash progress

Second sock picture:

Sock 2 progress!

I love this yarn!  The nylon makes sure I don’t sneeze, and the emerging pattern is really pretty.  The yarn is Berroco Comfort Sock in colorway 1818.  My LYS (Bella Yarns in Warren, RI), unfortunately, is 2000 miles away, but that means I come back here with a large stash after every visit.  (I had a lovely LYS here, but it closed.  Dang economy.)

I completed a finger-knitted belt yesterday with some old Sugar n Cream scrap, and it makes me very happy indeed.  There’s a Gryffindor finger-knitting project in progress.

In stash news, I sat in Starbucks the other day and balled up some gorgeous Alpaca yarn, handspun and dyed by Rachely.  (She has an Etsy store, shameless plug.)  It looks like a strawberry Creme-Saver!  I think I’ll make it into a beret with cables.  Any pattern suggestions?

EDIT: Picture of the yarn!

Ball of sad

Break-up happened on Friday. I’m still a bit of a ball of sad. Planned solution: organize the yarn stash.

Got the yarn for a new hat for Tali. Very pretty dark sage Caron Simply Soft to be mixed with lavender. Think I’ll make a pretty charted pattern for it.

Current projects/progress:
Gryffindor Fingerknit Scarf for Audrey – about 12 inches
Toe-up Socks for Mumsie – sock 2 is at about 4 inches

Second socks!

After reading this from The Knit Princess, I got started on my first second sock this weekend:

No more shall my socks be abandoned! (Except for my first attempt… that one has been relegated to puppet status.)

EDIT: Second Sock is at toe plus two inches.

Future project: Hat for Tali

Another crafting blog…

Greetings, friends!  I haven’t had a personal blog in a while, so it might take me a while to get back into it.  I needed a place to post pictures of crafts, sketches, short essays, stories, and little blurbs about life.  Mostly crafts.  Where patterns exist, I will link to them.  Where they are created by me, I will post a PDF.

Current projects in progress:

*Toe-up socks for Mumsie

Future projects:

*Crocheted Nalgene cozies (small and large)

*Wire bracelets and earrings

*More toe-up socks!